Top 7 Best Places & New Fun activities in Dubai

When thinking about a trip in UAE, then Dubai is the best place ever to visit. And here are the best rated tourist destinations in Dubai and the Fun things to do while on here.

1. Burj Khalifa: If you are in Dubai then Yes, Burj Khalifa is the first and the foremost place to you need to visit as its world’s largest tower (829.8 meters) ever built by man. Dubai’s landmark building is the Burj Khalifa



Tower also holds world records for: ‘tallest free standing building’, ‘highest occupied floor’, ‘highest number of stories’, ‘longest travel distance elevators’, ‘tallest service elevator’ and ‘second highest outdoor observatory deck.

2. Dubai Mall: A good option for shopaholics then Dubai Mall is one of the best list of places to visit in Dubai.You will be surprised to know that this is the world’s largest shopping, recreation, and entertainment centre. More than 1200 shops and children’s theme parksmake this mall a Luxurious place to Dive in.

There is a waterfall inside the mall which is an illusion waterfall. There are statues that are diving from the waterfall and if you stare at one, the others disappear!


3. Global village: Located at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Global Village is Dubai’s top family entertainment and cultural attraction offering wide range of shopping experience . It is a great concoction of traditional and authentic collections from diverse cultures across the world.

Being the world’s largest seasonal cultural shopping, open-air theme park, leisure and entertainment fair, Season 22 of Global Village presents cultures of more than 75 countries through 27 new pavilions.


4. Dubai Miracle Garden: Miracle Garden is undoubtfully one of the dubai’s most popular places to visit and is widely visited by the nature lovers. This world’s Largest Flower garden renders an appealing visual effect to all the nature lovers.

Opened in 2013 on Valentine’s Day, DMG Holds Guinness World Records for featuring the world’s largest floral installation featuring Floral replicas of animals, including parrots, kangaroos, butterflies and giant ants


5. Dubai Underwater Zoo & Aquarium: Located on the ground and level two of The Dubai Mall, the Dubai underwater zoo is the world’s largest suspended aquarium .You can witness a few as you toddle the 48-meter long walk-through tunnel. Good to Opt for a cage snorkeling and shark diving activities.

Dive into the depths of our 10-million litre tank and experience the thrill of a lifetime by coming face-to-face with the largest collection of Sand Tiger sharks in the world


6. Dessert Safari: If you wish to dive out from the city then Dubai Dessert is the best option for you. Dine out, Belly dance, Red bashing, etc make fun out there.Species like sand gazelles, mountain gazelles and Arabian oryx are introduced to tourists in this reserve.

A thrilling experience and one that every one should do an a desert safari is that You get to ski from the highest dunes on a ski board, everyone can do it as if you fall the soft sand is there to catch you


7.Wild Wadi Dubai: If you are a holidaymaker and a globetrotter then this is the right place to fun out with your family. Imaginative structures, great rides and slides with friendly staff and good facilities bring you goodness at home.

Guests have the option to deposit money towards their magnetic guest wrist bands which eliminates the need to carry wallets and purses throughout the park when buying food and beverage. Any unused funds on the wrist band can be refunded back to the guest



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